Women who run with the Wolves

A woman in her fullness, is a festival of nature.

She is an energy tsunami that uproots everything in its path, an intuitive intelligence that bewilders with its insight and is plain raw wildness, that cuts as well as heals. She dances her dance in ownership of the floor; lives her passion in blatant exhibition of her gifts and walks naked in moonshine of her boldness She is generous to a fault though stingy to a slight, open to share but closed to covet, devoted in her worship yet unsparing in her revenge. She needs unconditional love to feel herself fully but once charged, she is the perpetual fountain of nurture.

This is because her soul is feminine.

Unlike masculine which is culturally defined and thus varies across cultures, nature did not leave the feminine open ended. There were individual young lives and whole life cycles at stake, on getting the feminine right. It loaded the feminine with best of its gifts, wrapped it with a soul and then placed that soul in a women’s body.

Since then all cultures have struggled with feminine polarity and its true expression, as being life-affirming energy, it is explosively subversive. Being hard to govern and made to follow any social order; all cultures have tried with their mythology, mores, values and rituals to tame and typecast, the feminine.

Unfortunately most women, the carriers of precious feminine, also fall prey to this cultural propaganda and end up limiting themselves in pre-defined roles. Soon enough they fall out of sync with their innate feminine core. This results in their beings becoming stunted, energies getting sapped….. as they slowly turn into pale shadows of their own brightness. Sadness, betrayal and bitterness sets in. They keep bemoaning some secret loss, are suffocated and remain on a constant choke.

Here is a thumbnail excerpt from a book that Clarissa Estola Pinkes, wrote on the innate wildness of feminine soul. Name of her book is also the title of this post:

“Healthy women and healthy wolves share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, a playful spirit and a heightened capacity for devotion.….a healthy women is much like a wolf; robust, chock-full, a strong life force, life giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal, roving. Yet separation from a wildish nature causes a women’s personality to become meager, thin, ghostly, spectral. We are not meant to be puny with frail hair and unable to leap up, unable to chase, to birth, to create life”.

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