Road Less Traveled

One day, a thousand rupee currency note and a ten rupee note got folded together and began exchanging their life stories.

The thousand rupee note started recounting with a flair:

“I’ve had such a great life,” it said. “I’ve been to all the big hotels in Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani himself used me once to pay for a haircut. I’ve been in the wallets of Nandan Nilekani and other Infosys board members. I’ve flown from one end of the country to the other! I’ve even been in the wallet of two governors, one chief minister and several members of parliament. Once even Amir Khan used me, to buy a pack of juice.”

With awe, the ten rupee note softly whispered, “Gosh, nothing like that has ever happened to me, …I have just been to temples a lot, to lay at feet of gods !

Foot Note:
Face value lays out your journey through the outer world. At some point though, you got to stop, take a U-turn and start traveling inwards.

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