Art of Asking

Once a man prayed for 25 years to appease his God.

His prayers were intense and finally God was compelled to answer them. So one day God appeared and asked him to seek a boon.

“God, please grant me immortality”. The man asked.

God cautioned him “See if I grant you eternal life, I will never be able to take it back so think before you ask. Think what will you do with it”.

He answered promptly “I will live large, I will travel, I will meet people, I will do what I want without being afraid of death. I will be happy”.

God said “Do you realize that over time you will become very lonely as others will pass away. You will love and then you will lose the loved ones. You will have to bury your children and then their children thus causing yourself tremendous grief. You will keep living the same cycles of change and destruction over and over again.

Also do you realize ultimately you will stop to value life itself as one only values what is in limited supply. In human context, something which is eternal holds no meaning. So in effect, once the novelty wears off, you are asking me to curse you to never ending grief, boredom and meaninglessness. You will keep roaming the planet disoriented and disconnected. That’s what in long run, immortality translates to.”

Now the man was totally confused. “If not immortality then what should I ask for”.

God replied “Don’t ask me from a position of fear of death. Instead seek my blessing for affirmation of your life. Remember a single day, lived in full connect with your true self, is better than thousand days of hesitant living. So instead of asking for extension of your time, seek maximization of its impact.

Request me then, to help you discover who you truly are. Once that is known to you, time will stop to matter. That infact is the most precious gift you can ask from me”.

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