World is a Candy Jar

Once, a 7-year old boy went to a grocery store with his mother.

While his mother was busy shopping things for the house, boy’s gaze fell upon a jar of candies. Kind hearted shopkeeper, noticing his gaze said “Hello, young one, do you want candies? Go ahead take them.”Saying so, he opened the lid of the jar and offered candies to the boy.

However the boy did not move. Shopkeeper was surprised. He encouraged “Don’t worry, take them.” Boy still remained rooted.

Now hearing the interaction, his mother came around and coaxed “you can take the candies dear, its ok”. Boy still remained motionless, staring intently at the jar of candies.

After couple of moments, sensing his hesitation, the shopkeeper took out the candies himself and gave it to him. The child was now happy to receive the candies.

On the way back home, mother inquired “Baby what happened, why didn’t you take the candies when shopkeeper asked you to”

Boy replied simply “Mom, my hands are very small and if I took the candies myself I would have got only a few. However uncle had very big hands, so when he gave candies to me, see how many I got”.

This world is also a candy-jar #bethechild

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