Wallet Baiting

Arun came home after a visit to the supermarket. Anita, his wife had been unwell so she had asked Arun to make a few purchases. Looking visibly happy with his deal-making at the store, Arun decided to show off a little.

Arun: Hey baby I see you buying all the regular stuff and held my peace though I felt some of it was very expensive. However you would be happy to know that I got some great deals at the store today thus saving us a bundle.
Anita (sounding tentative): What deals?

Arun: Well for starters, the pack of cookies were on deep discount sale of 70% so I got us 3 packs of it.
Anita (examining the price): The cookies are good. Hey but their price at our dial in store is regularly at 50% discount. So this deep discount bit is a hoax. It is at best at an additional discount of 10-15%. But good you got them. What else did you get?

Arun: I got us this cheese platter. I tasted it and it was really good.
Anita ( looking incredulous): My friend Madhu who is into retail sales was telling me that they instruct them to make customers taste things as it triggers reciprocity in our brains and makes us more likely to buy. So I think they have pulled the reciprocity trick on you by making you buy this cheese platter for Rs 1800.

Arun( slightly offended): You think I am a fool. I really liked its taste so I bought it. Anyways you will be happy to know that I bought you a new microwave as it was on a limited time introductory offer of 30 days. Next month they will be introducing this at full price. It also had this table mat free with it. Also I bought an extended warranty on it so that we do not face trouble with it like we did with our AC.
Anita: ( looking even more surprised): Limited time offer !! But variants of this model and model by other companies in the same category have been in market for some time. They were offering these table mats last month with rice cooker as well. Also the extended warranty that we had on our fridge had so many strings attached that it was virtually useless. Did that good looking girl at the counter offer it to you when you went in to pay the bill.

Arun ( tone perking up): yes, she did but how does that make a difference. Extended warranties are always a trouble saver and do not go insinuating that I bought it under influence. Do not run down a good deal I got for you. Also look at this, I got you 4 microwaveable kitchenware for the price of only 3.
Anita (looking visibly unhappy now): . We did not need this bundle. We have enough microwaveable cookware with us already and what is this.

Arun ( defensive and defiant): This is AC/DC conversion plug and extension chords. While I was getting the bill I saw these on a nearby shelf and realized that maybe we would need these for plugging it in.
Anita (sarcastically): Were they not offering any Microwave insurance, electrical repair instruments, recipe cook books along with it. Baby you have been trapped into buying by smartly designed methods. Let me tell you a quick story around this.

Arun (indifferent): Ya whatever.
Anita: Once there was a big convenience store, by the side of a main highway that was open 24/7. The problem owner faced was that sales during the day was good however come night and there were hardly 6-8 sales inspite of it being a busy area. He realized that maybe the night sales guys was indifferent so he replaced him with another one. This new guy was thin and wiry but appeared alert and intelligent. Anyways, on the first morning when the owner came back to check on his night sales he found this guy relaxing with his feet up on the counter. Infuriated he asked him “How many sales were made in the night”. “One” replied the new hire. “Only one” owner fumed “of what value”.

“Let me see” replied the guy. Taking the bill out, he read the amount. “Three hundred and sixty three thousand Dollars”. The owner almost fainted. “ what all did you sell” he fumbled. “ Well I sold, our new model of motor boat, full range of fishing line, beach vacation package for the family, travel bags and accessories, medical kit and some other stuff”. “What did he actually come to buy”, asked the owner. The boy smiled and answered “headache pills”.

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