Vantage Point

“Master I have been cursed to be a failure. I am not good at anything and my life is merely a bounce from one defeat to another”. A man bemoaned his fate hoping that master will throw him a rescue line.

“That you are not good at anything is a generalization which is a very common thinking mistake. Failing at even 50 tasks does not mean that you are a failure. It just means that you are yet to find the thing that you are good at. Let me tell you that everyone born is good at something and we must make it a life’s mission to find that out and build our routines around it. So tell me is there something you like doing. Something, which you do for its own enjoyment, whether you get paid for it or not.” Master inquired

“Yes, gardening. I really love to sow the plants, nurture them and see them grow. “

“Great. So that’s where you will find success. Plan your whole life around it in such a way that maximum part of your day is spent gardening. This will also mean you will have to find a way to earn a living around it so you might want to open a nursery or become a landscape artist or any other vocation that you can think of.”

“However master currently I am work in an office so when planning for a new life, where do I start. Should I quit and start on my own immediately or should I take it up gradually, one step at a time.”Having been informed of the broad direction the man wanted to know the next steps.

“You must plan your life as you plan a business venture, on a strategic level. Then on a tactical level, you must execute it backwards. Let me unpack this statement for you.” The master is being technical today, the disciplines wondered.

“First let me explain the 50-30-0 K framework to you.” Mater spoke evenly. “ Know that there are three vantage points to look at any situation, business or even life. They are the 50K feet level, 30K feet level and 0K level. Think of these as your view from a landing aircraft. At 50,000 feet level as the airplane is descending, all you see is horizon and open vistas. At 30,000 feet level you start to see the wide landscapes with broad details of objects and at ground level everything around you is visible in fine detail however the big picture is lost.

So 50k-30K is your strategic view of any situation.There is where you see broadly, understand interconnects and the relative positioning of things. From this vantage point you should plan your goals, business or life. From 30K to 0K is your tactical view where more and more operational details become visible. This is where you should execute your planning. So the correct approach is, to take a broad view to plan first, shift vision and then start the execution backwards.

“What do you mean start the execution backwards? “

“What I mean is that If you have decided to reach 100 in 5 years from your current 0, plan your next steps to always narrow that difference down. So say, you want to be have your own plant nursery across 5 cities in 5 years time, always retrace your steps backwards from that vision at any point in your overall journey. So as you plant your first sapling today know that it is one step taken in that direction and you will have 99 more steps to go. Thats called executing it backwards.

So instead of thinking of yourself as a failure in your current situation, find your passion, plan your outcomes and then take your steps backward towards them” master concluded.

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