Two Lives

Life One:

6-7 hours of sleep strapped to an alarm clock
Travel time everyday of 1-2 hours to reach office through jams and congestion.
Mind numbing work for 8-10-12 hours.
Fast Foods coupled with Sodas/Coffees & Alcohol.
Addictions to screens, fast lifestyle and impulsive buys.
Constant Stress, financial worries and Failure fears.
Chosen Rewards: Money/Titles/Degrees.

Life Two:

An altered relation with time wherein the entire focus is to be present in the moment.
Time travel using imagination and creativity.
Work that taps into passion, inspiration and actualization
Food that has the best nutrition to taste ratio.
Simplification, de-clutter and essentialism.
Propensity to relax, accept and let go.
Chosen Rewards: Gratitude/Kindness/Connect

We were designed for life two before we got tricked into adopting life one.

It is now upon us to continue with a lifestyle whose inherent gift is stress or slow down and align with a life that makes the real YOU come alive.

Every moment, each one of us, gets to make that choice afresh. Choose wisely.

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