True Cost of Beauty

Do you know that cosmetics industry, to bring to you those glossy shampoos, lipsticks, mascaras and colognes, tests its chemicals first on rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters. The idea of this testing is to find out how toxic these chemicals are and how they interact with skin cells.

Some of these tests are:

Draize Eye Test: where rabbits are restrained at necks and chemicals dripped in their eyes to test for reddening, swelling, bleeding and for how long does it take for chemical to burn the cornea of its eye.

Skin irritation tests: With furs shaved, chemicals are applied straight to skins of rabbits and pigs to test for cracking, bleeding and inflammations.

Toxicity Tests: Done on rats and mice who are force fed (via tube or syringe) large doses of these chemicals straight into their stomachs to observe symptoms of poisoning such as seizures, tremors, bleeding, coma and death.

The animals suffer horribly during these tests as no pain killers are ever administered because that interferes with test results. They either die during these tests, unable to bear the pain (also because of reaction) or are invariably killed after it, for examination of their internals.

For those who are stout of heart, I recommend that you to go to google images and search for “cosmetics testing animals”
keyword to see some of the excesses, animals are put through.

Millions of animals are thus tortured and killed every year. All this happens so that cosmetic companies can earn extra profits, by being able to promise you that extra zing for your selfie pout.

Is all this barbarism worth the look? Shouldn’t we boycott products of these companies and deny them the very profits, that they kill and torture animals for?

Let me know what you think and share this to make others aware of this ongoing atrocity.

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