The Warrior Code

A man approached a professional boxer with his 6 year old son.

“Sir my son wants to be a fighter. Can you please talk to him.”

The boxer looked at the measly looking boy and saw that he had a flash in eyes and that his nostrils had a small flair. So inspite of his weak muscles the boy had a fight in him.

“Why do you want to be a fighter, son.” The boxer quizzed.

The boy looked at him with a devout gaze which betrayed an idolization. His words however were more earthly :

“Sir I am hit regularly by some boys in my class .They find me an easy target and I want to give it back to them.”

“That’s a good reason boy. One should be strong so that no one dares to hit you. However do you know how strong people fight and how weak people do”.

“No sir. Please tell me”. The boy begged.

“Well, the start of a fight for anybody is personal. You can be slighted by a person, a system or even by nature (as in a handicap). However strong people do not continue to fight personally as that only weak people do. Strong people escalate the fight from a personal to an ideological level. The fight for them becomes something more than a vengeance trip.

If you were beaten up you become a pacifist and an anti violence campaigner, if you were denied your rights you became a civil rights activist. Look at the example of Gandhi Ji. Thrown out of the compartment in South Africa for being brown he did not try to get back to person who evicted him. Instead he choose to fight the mindset of racism which is an unjust attitude towards your fellow beings.

So remember strong people take the fight to a system or an idea level leaving the personal behind and weak people on the other hand bring the fight to a personal level leaving or even using the system to frame their fight. So if you want to be a true fighter or warriors as they are called, let you motivation to train be personal but your arena of fight be ideological.

Finally at the moment if you want to be a fighter; train hard; but not to beat those boys but because of two reasons:
1) to be strong that you are not hit 2) to protect others”.

“So sir what do you fight for in that ring?” The boy asked innocently.

“Well me, I fight for money boy. I am not a fighter like you will be one day. I am just a performer.” The boxer sighed sadly.

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