The Idea Called The World

World we all live in, is a conspiracy of control.

Some of our liberties we cede voluntarily, some get negotiated away and balance are impounded.
Designed education curriculums and doctored mass media enslave us to:

Philosophy of materialism
Propaganda of consumerism
Orthodoxies of religious faith
Force of State
Cries of a just war

Educate yourself & wake up to:

Practice of spiritualism
Creed of ecological sustainability
Openness of secular living
Power of ordinary citizen
Negotiation by engagement

Power, ultimately in any human system is a zero sum game. It aggregates at top of a power structure only as a sum of all powers that downline participants let go.

Stop getting manipulated by the prevailing rhetoric, memes and dogma for this world is at least 10,000 years old.

Take the long view.

Awake to reclaim the power that is rightfully yours. Stay vigilant.

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