The Hidden Meaning

Once there was king who had a childhood friend with a strange habit of looking at all situations in life, whether good or bad, and saying “This is so good”.

One day king and this friend went hunting. On such expeditions they usually worked as a team where the friend always loaded the rifle and king having excellent aim, took the shot. However today something went wrong with the firearm. As king pressed its trigger, the gun exploded in his hand, mutilating three fingers of his left hand.

The friend as was customary, remarked ”This is so good”.

On hearing this, King who was howling in pain, got incensed. He ordered immediate arrest of his friend and later jailed him for negligence.

Time passed and kings wounds healed. He went back to his hunting ways. On another occasion, while pursuing a wild boar, the king got separated from his party and landed up in the deepest part of jungle which was also a tribal territory. Lost and confused he was soon trapped by the tribals who were out, looking for a human sacrifice to please their Gods.

The tied up king was brought to village priest for ritualistic preparations. The priest while examining, noticed his missing fingers and refused to consider him a suitable offering as a damaged human sacrifice might anger the Gods. So the King was set free and sent back.

On the way back to his capital king remembered the friend and his words. Feeling guilty now, he called for his friend and apologized, before setting him free.

Friend as usual said, “You need not to apologize. This is so good”

King was confused about how was imprisonment good.

“If I wasn’t in the prison, I would have been with you, isn’t it” the friend asked.

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