Syrian Crisis

Syrian refugee crisis is snowballing into a major humanitarian crisis. Over 4 million people had to flee Syria and migrate to other countries as refugees to take shelter from relentless bombing and ongoing civil war. According to UNHCR, number of refugees in various countries, living under appalling human conditions are as follows:

1.9m Turkey
1.1m Lebanon
0.6m Jordan
0.25 Iraq
0.12 Egypt
0.3 North Africa and Europe.

Other middle eastern countries like, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait have not offered any help or shelter to people who are fleeing war and destruction.

There are many horrific and heartrending stories that have emerged from the region (a man selling pens on street of Beirut with while carrying his sleeping daughter (google for that image) or 71 immigrants dying in an over- crowded freezer truck in Austria which did not have space for even 25 to stand properly, including a 2 year old girl or a minimum of 2500 drowned people while crossing Mediterranean).

To bring this unfolding crisis home, here is a photograph that captures it all.

I was crying when I saw it and then I was outraged. Outraged at injustice and insensitivity of us all that we allow these kind of crimes to happen amongst our midst.

This is a photograph of a father, Laith Majid, crossing over to island of Kos on Greece from Turkey, along with his family of four children Taha, Ahmed, Moustafa and Nour (youngest and only daughter) and wife Nada.

They had left Syria two weeks earlier, having paid $6,500 in total for the dangerous two- or three-hour trip in the flimsy rubber raft meant for 4 but carrying 12 to cross Mediterranean and enter Greece. Because of the weight, raft had got deflated and water had started to come in. It was only a matter of time before it sank and all of them would have drowned. However somehow they reached ashore.

This is Laith holding his son and daughter and crying in anguish, fear, pain and relief having finally reached safety.

Many others were not so lucky and many more will not be.

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