A father & son were passing through the mountains. Suddenly the son fell, hurting himself. He could not suppress his pain and screamed: “AAAhhhh!!!”

To his surprise, a voice came back from the mountains repeating again and again: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Infused with curiosity, he yelled: “Who are you?” The voice replied: “Who are you?” Angered by this meaningless repetition, he cried: “Get Lost”. True to form the voice told him to: “Get Lost”

Father motioned him to stop and called out loudly: “This is fun” The voice reverted back: “This is fun”. Father again suggested ”You are beautiful”. The voice agreed: “You are beautiful”.

Boy was confused as to what was happening till father explained ”Son, this represents human life as it follows the Echo Principle. Universe is an all frequency spectrum, however to you, it will only reflect back the frequency you meet it at. So if you want good things to happen, send out good vibrations in thoughts and action”.

Boy wasn’t convinced “Common dad, what are you saying. Bad things happen all the time to positive vibrations people”.

Father elaborated ”Son to be positive when going is good, is easy. The principle, to truly work its magic, needs to test whether you will hold on to positive vibrations even under trying circumstances. All bad things thus are the echo principles’ compliance test”

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