Symptoms of Clinical Relaxation

We can all identify signs of stress when we see them. We also know how anxiety laden behavior looks like since we frequently see people exhibiting it.

However we often miss out spotting inner peace since it is so uncommon that even if we were to see it, we would not know how to identify it. As a guide then, listed below are the symptoms to identify a person, who is suffering from acute relaxation:

1) Subject will be intensely present in the moment and not lost in time travel through thought.
2) Will be prone to making deliberate movements rather than given to reactions based on fear and anger.
3) Not be able to control sudden outbreak of heartfelt smiles.
4) Displays immense capacity to give and receive kindness.
5) Follows acute non interventionist approach with reality and will let it unfold spontaneously without trying to resist or control.
6) Disinterested in participating in surrounding human conflict and drama.
7) Displays urge to appreciate others and confesses to feelings of connectedness.
8) Practices lack of judgment of self and the world.
9) Reports loss of capacity to worry.

Next time you see somebody displaying these characteristics know they are the “Cool Ones”.

Sit with them and share their silence.

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