Sleeping with Nature

Master had a habit of sleeping under the tree in afternoons. Their tenures were never long but then master would always get up refreshed from these moments of repose.

As master was getting up one day, one of the disciples who was on duty to shoo away the flies and other pests saw the master smiling and muttering something to himself.

Intrigued he asked “Master when you talk to yourself, what do you say?”

Master looked at him and replied unhurriedly “I tell myself that life is nothing but a celebration and one must always have a quest to party”.

The disciple, a new one was tempted. Master was advising to party hard. So a big feast must be getting planned. Master sensing his thoughts by his looks explained:

“When I say life is a celebration, it refers to your participation in unfolding of life all around you. When I say you must have an endless appetite to party it means that there are countless sights that you have not seen, melodies that you haven’t heard, smiles you have not yet witnessed on the lips of innocent children, stories that have not been narrated to you, fruits whose taste you are unfamiliar with, flowers whose blossoms you have not smelt. In other words, your exposure to natural diversity is limited.
Nature is dancing all around you and you must make it a point to free yourself of your concerns to join that dance wholeheartedly.

The disciple was taken in by Master’s invite to join the dance. He though had a lingering doubt.

“Master how does one begin this participation. What is the first step”.

Master’s voice was his nurture. He explained thus before getting up “There is no one set point to start. One can begin exactly from where one is. The central point is to break routine, suspend judgment and open yourself up to experiencing diversity. Lot of people though find it easier to experience diversity with other people first rather than with nature.

If you also want to start with people, open yourself to have heart to hearts with people of all age groups, try talking to people from dissimilar backgrounds and cultures, socialize with people who do not speak your language or understand your grammar, talk to the dying, hold hands with the sick, appreciate a poets company, spend time with people who do varied jobs.

As your fenced ego boundaries open to the fullness of the experience spectrum, nature will also soon come rushing in to join the sensual celebration of your life. It is then you would have lived and loved fully.”

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