Shopaholic Anonymous

Husband opened at a tangent: Darling these clothes/shops and bags that you keep buying, do you even use them adequately.

Wife : what do you mean use them, of course I do. I know you are saying that I spend too much on them.

Husband: no no, I am not saying you spend too much, I am saying that marketers have pulled a long con and you and your other social friends are a victim of their guile.

Wife: what do you mean that we are victims of someone’s tricks. We buy stuff because it makes us feel good. Also that, when you buy good branded stuff, it lasts long.

Husband: ok let me give you an example of how this marketing con works. Before 1940 diamonds were not very popular as gifts. However De Beers the cartel( now a company) that holds the monopoly on diamond mining business ran a very successful ad campaign equating solidity of the stone with solidity of love. Thereafter giving a diamond ring became a part of all marriage proposals and thus boosted de beers profits.

So people were led into believing that an engagement ring meant a diamond ring. Think, whether before 40s were people not getting married, expressing love or making solid commitments to each other. Just that it was not so expensive then. In fact I can give you 100s of other examples where marketers hijack our personal occasions to associate their products with.

Wife : come on, you must be joking. So now people should not exchange engagement rings.

Husband : by all means we should do so. Let it be a simple gold ring or even a silver band. Why only an expensive diamond ring. With that said look at big brands in apparel and cosmetic industry. They mark up their products 300-400 per cent and make you buy them. You know how? Like every discrimination victim who needs to collaborate with his oppressor, so every insecure consumer must collaborate with a scheming marketer.

This feel good that you have by paying hugely inflated prices is a systematic propaganda where they broadcast messages of inadequacy to you coupled with the message that you will feel good if you buy from them. They are telling you to feel good by helping them get rich They do this over and over to habituate you and you are in blind compliance.. This Ponzi scheme would be laughable if it was not such a big business.

Wife : and do you think hundreds and thousands of people who buy these things are all fools and you are really the only wise one.

Husband: hundreds of thousands participate in wars, genocides, bigotry do you think that makes it right. When did being in majority equate with doing what is right.

Wife: look you can say what you want to but buying good things is a definite high and I will continue to do so.

Husband: Darling, addicts come to reason only for window-shopping, however know that not all intoxicants that we use are narcotics. We have all been programmed by a vast machinery to consume substances we do not need and then systematically prevented from finding out the truth about them by false information repetition. This makes some of us look for their fixes in dark ghetto bylanes while others seeking them in sprawling malls.

Husband to himself: we are fast becoming a race of non thinking zombies and even killing nature and poisoning others for our benefit. When will we wake up to stop this incremental communal suicide.

However it is better if I do not use the word zombie, lest she thinks I am calling her one and it starts a new thread of conversation.

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