Secret Of Happiness:

One day a disciple approached the Master:
“Master, I want to learn the secret of happiness”

Master smiled and answered:
“Secret of Happiness is in leading a life which is abundant and feels abundant. So if you want to be happy, you must create and count, abundance”

Disciple wanted more: “Master how can I do this? How can I create and count abundance?”

Master replied:
“To create abundance: Design a life around your passion
To count abundance: Everyday, focus on your blessings.”

Disciple probed further: “Master, can you explain more so that I understand them clearly”

Master replied:
“This world tempts you in hundreds of ways with false choices. However none of them belong in your life. To create lasting abundance, you must choose to do something which you are passionate about, are good at and also which pays well. Choose any other way and you will spend a lifetime medicating, intoxicating or compensating.“

Saying so, Master wrote three combinations on the ground and then continued:

“See the possible combinations of three attributes are:

Passion, Skill: P     Pay: A          Result: Satisfied but poor like artists
Pay, Skill: P           Passion: A    Result: Rich but bored like elites
Pay, Passion: P      Skill: A         Result: Lost and poor like dreamers.

All these situations are of fleeting or no abundance. Only way you can create sustainable abundance is by a combination of all three in your life’s work. That is a life design you will not need a vacation from.”

Disciple asked “And Master, what of counting Abundance?”

Master replied, “You can create as much abundance however if you are focusing on others abundance, or your relative lack of it, you will still be unhappy. The abundance you create must feel abundant to you.
Now, to feel abundance you must express gratitude for it. Create an active gratitude list of 5-7 items and let that be your daily prayer. When you focus on your blessings you activate more of them.”

Disciple knew that it was time for Master’s prayers yet he could not resist one parting question “And Master, what of sharing that abundance with others?”

Master smiled and before he got up, spoke thus:
“A river does not seek thirsty. It merely rejoices in the flow of its abundance. Needy will automatically find a way to its banks to quell their thirst and will not be disappointed

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