Samsara and Moksha

Vaishali Bade from Vadodra, one of the regular readers of SvaHaa, raised this question in the comment section, on my 24th Sept post “Oh My God”:

Western people don’t believe in rebirth while we Indians believe. My dilemma is why some people get birth in Tata’s mansion and some found near garbage, could you please explain and is Moksha there, thank you.

I thought these were the Big Questions of Life and told her that instead of me answering them for her, I will ask everyone for their answers.

Meanwhile however, Thanuja Benaje from Nagpur, replied:

Can anyone however intelligent he may be, however spiritual he may be give answer to these kind of questions?. Someone can give better answer compared to other but that is not d truth. We are debating about this for thousands of years. Have we got d answer?. We have got individual opinions but not the absolute truth. Now I have stopped searching for answers .

Viji Csr from Tiruchirappalli, another regular at SvaHaa, added further:

Reincarnation is partly true…mind made of id, ego and superego is at 3 levels until one gets enlightened..the conscious or the id is influenced by the ego as well as the superego…if one wants to cross karma/life one has to overcome his own ego and merge with the supreme…this is not an easy task…ego shall make us develop deep roots towards earthly living which includes love as well as enmity…. so according to our actions the angels of God take away the “ego” and send to the heavens or the hell…while the superego of the individual is sent back into life(re incarnation) either as man or animal depending on our actions during the previous births…while the id/conscious waits in state of static energy until the day of judgment comes as per the creators rules..

These then are the timeless questions raised by Vaishali:

1) Why is there so much disparity in the accident of birth and does it mean anything?
2) What is Moksha or enlightenment, and is it real?

Now you let me know what you think about these questions, in the comment section below. The rationale behind this “crowdsourcing” is to learn from each other. More perspectives we get, more dimensions of answer will open, for all of us.

Also share this post and invite your family and friends to participate, since these answers merit as broad a canvas as we can create. If there are more than 250 comments/answers I will compile all the answers/viewpoints and sum them up in one of the future posts, for easy reference.

So lets not settle for our little fantasies. Lets together, search for some truth……

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