Once upon a time a temple fell upon hard times.

Its donations had dried up since the new bypass was constructed, cutting it from town’s direct acces. Plasters from its walls had started to peel off and the clothes which adorned the statutes of God had also become old and ragged. All 3 priests who still inhabited it, were getting old and pushing 60.
It was only a matter of time before the gates of the temple would have to shut.

In the hills nearby their lived a Yogi who was reclusive but was considered advanced in his spiritual sadhna. The priests decided to seek his counsel.

They approached the Yogi and sought his advice to save the temple. The Yogi heard them out but said “ Look I have no advice to give you on this matter. However I can tell you one thing. One of you is a maharishi (a divine saint)”.

So saying, Yogi shut his eyes and went back to his prayers.

All the 3 priests came back clearly rattled by that disclosure. As days passed and they mulled over this revelation, their behavior towards each other slowly started to change. They began to treat each other with extreme reverence since they did not know who amongst them was that divine saint. Also on an off chance that they themselves might be the one, they started to treat
themselves with extreme care. Their prayers also became longer and intense.

As time went by, the small set of visitors who used to visit the temple, noticed a change in aura of the place. The whole place had started to buzz of something profound and holy. People who had left coming to that temple, slowly started to return. Without knowing why, they started to bring their friends and relatives as well to visit it. Then more came and then still more.

Soon what was once a dying place, transformed into a vibrant pilgrimage centre.

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