Romantic Love

Master had just finished his sermon on virtues of non-doing when a woman approached him “Master I want to ask you about Romantic Love. What is its role in a person’s life?”

Master though focused on matters of other world, smiled and answered thus: “Romantic love is a beautiful seasoning of the human life. It is a passion play between opposing polarities that advances human race. You are poor if you have not experienced it at least once in your life and poorer if you keep experiencing it repeatedly”.

Apparently the women did not get an unequivocal answer so she was more direct with her next question “ I feel this need for someone to complete me, to woo me, to admire me. I have this intense desire to be loved as one should be loved, desperately. Master so are you saying that it is wrong to want this?

Master replied “What you are describing is not love but wholeness. To seek it outside in relationships is like begging on street for coins when you have millions already in your bank account. You will be better off seeking this wholeness inside and not outside. That someone else’s love or desire for you, will complete you, though popular is still pure fantasy. It is akin to thinking that reflection of moon in water can illuminate a dark night”.

“O surely you cant be saying that love does not complete us or heal us or is the necessary condition for our existence” the women sounded desperate and despondent.

Master in his same even tone replied” Most of what gets labeled as love between people, is actually need and power play. There is hardly any love in it.

Remember only those who are whole are capable of giving and only those who are capable of giving are capable of loving. It is because they see love not as a road to their salvation but as an expression of their innate capability to nurture others. When this true love is experienced, there is no higher human experience that this world can gift you.

However those who are clingy or demanding or unfair or un-giving, are misusing love’s label to disguise their brokenness. They are demanding from an external relationship what they should be seeking in an internal one. Thus their romance will always remain unfulfilled even if they were to go through twenty different partners.

So to answer your question, love plays a very big part in human life, but it only gets to play that part, if you silence other drama that goes on in its name.”

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