Regress 2 Nature

Master was seated in his traditional lotus pose, having finished a sermon when a disciple asked him:

“Master you talk to us on almost every subject but not much on state of enlightenment. Can you tell us what enlightenment is like”.

Master smiled in response.

“Look all around you. What seems dull and routine is actually a world in state of total enlightenment. It awaits your developing the eyes to discover its mystique. However let me answer your query in a little more detail”.

So saying he beckoned to a senior student standing nearby and soon a small basin with water was fetched.

Master uncurled his feet and dipped them in water. Then he started to scrub them gently. With long and deliberate gestures master proceeded to wash his feat. As the disciples watched, a little confused and a little dazed, there was no other sound in the room except for an occasional trickle of water. Almost five minutes elapsed and master still kept at his task.

Then after what seemed like an eternity he looked back at the student who had asked him the question and said “There… that was a good demonstration of state of enlightenment”.

The student now thoroughly confused uttered “Master can you describe it so that we understand better”.

Master said “ Sure, Enlightenment is the state where a plant grows from its seeds, lizard climbs a wall, a tiger hunts for its prey. To put it another way it is a state of non doing where you consciously abstain so that nature does 100% of the work or it is a state of doing where you are consciously present to do 100% of the work. Both these states of connect are equivalent being mirror images of each other.

Remember enlightenment is the most natural state you can be in. It is a state of naked soul. Anything you put on top of it is a personal deviation”.

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