Q&A with a Political Speechwriter

Q: So you write political speeches. Why?
A: Speech is the great method of politics. A politician who cannot give a rousing speech has a career handicap. It is like an actor with a squint or a singer who stammers. To see your words, being expertly performed for galleries, is a great high.

Q The famous joke goes: how can you tell that a politician is lying? If you see his mouth moving. Comment.
A This is indeed a joke. First let me say if you can tell when a politician is lying he is not a politician. Secondly it is incorrect to believe that a politician lies. Lets just say that mapping between their ideologies and their actions, is non linear.

Q: Switch to any news channel and you see politicians fighting on words and definitions. With your insight, can you explain why?
A: News is never served on a channel. If it is on a channel, assume it is propaganda. If you want news, you will have to go out to seek it or research for it.
Now, the word wrestling matches that you witness on sundry channels are a life and death sport. As a career politician, unless you can label harsh reality with right words, it soon becomes your reality.

Q: If words are that important as labels, lets play a quick game. I will throw some situations at you and you tell me what words would a politician choose to describe them with. Ok, here we go. …
i) Damn idiot has no clue My learned colleague
ii)I am the smartest Public knows everything
iii) This contract has kickbacks Done in National Interest
iv) Support it over my dead body Nation will decide
v) Will make it a law Nation will decide
vi) Nothing will ever change Acchay Din Aaingay
vii) I need more power Corruption Free India
viii) Need to conceal this scam Nothing to hide
ix) Consolidate our vote bank Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas
x) Lets bury this issue Commission of Inquiry

Q. Ok …here is the same word quiz for a set of people and their labels…..
1) Asking for freedom Traitors
2) Violent Opposers Terrorists
3) Violent Supporters Soldiers
4) passive distracted person Citizen
5) Set we dont care for Countrymen

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