Pleading for a Future in 2088

Ladies and gentlemen of the trans-national jury, I know today in this virtual courtroom we are present through our projective holograms to try the accused “Stanton 1” of the aligned state of South Africa, who obviously is here in person. However let me enjoin you, to consult your amygdala surge diagrams and probabilistic tree schemas, on whether she needs to go to a bricks and mortar facility in her state, upon falling behind on twenty-three micro payments for her bionic kidney and pituitary gland transplants.

I concede she was once accused of instructing her DPA (digital personal assistant), Gloria to  illegally download brand Diors’ striker glasses, 3D print algorithm, however that charge was dropped owing to SP protocol overrun between Inter and ThingsNET and thus should not be relevant to present charges that ProBionics has brought upon her.

Our defense plea for protection from prosecution by polycorps, is filed under Immunity for Deemed Humans and Full Humans, Global Congress Act of Tianjin 2063 passed immediately after the first machinic dissent.

Now if you scrutinize her bar coded arch-genomic construct, especially the gene sequence 9, 17, 323D and 2014F you will find that she is normalized on her TCM (transpersonal connect matrix) as also suffers from faint nanobotal inject anxiety. Her epigenetic code data, as presented, clearly highlights her hetro-sexual orientation though a latent transgender predilection cannot be totally overruled. In line with her TCM normalization, her SMC (social media connect) score is 3.79 which is way above benchmark sociopathic levels of 1.23 radians.

Also submitted to the court are her thought scatter plots and kinesthetic electrograms which show no statistically significant activity over the period of missed payments. Her cortisol diffusion images, also submitted, points to low stress tolerance in high adrenaline circumstances.

All these genetic and hormonal data points when benchmarked against criminal bio-information meta set of full human race, suggest that lack of payment did not have a criminal intent as alleged by Probionics in their charge summary.  In fact, as data suggests, my client is a human cis-female with high societal congruence and has fallen behind on payments not out of conspiracy but coincidence.

The first part of coincidence is that her insurance company, MetaProtect folded up last month owing to punitive damages payment incurred when the three space escalators of Skyhook Corp, that they had insured, shut down. The magnetic intensity of escalators was instantly restored however owing to huge charge surge, sixty-three worker cyborgs lost their consciousness permanently in what was termed as trans cranium field injury and twenty-seven others had their memory chips and neural circuitry damaged to varying degrees. The negligence charges against Skyhook brought up by CRG (Cyborgs Rights Group)  were upheld both by STB (Space Tourism Board) as well as the TWC (Tribunal of Working Cyborgs) safety making MetaProtect pay and go kaput.

Coupled with the insurance company bust was the fact that the royalties of her patent on UVIBGYOR rainbow for IRR (immersive reality rendering) on both Stealth and Confucius operating platforms, were not credited, as her bio-digital signature keys were being validated for 2048 bit crypt encryption which takes 7-14 days to get fully tested against any bio identity theft.

So my plea, dear members of jury, is this: For a creative member of pure sapien species whose biometric and psychographic profile point to her being highly functional individual will it be fair to incarcerate her first and then exclude her from accessing the central non-differentiated human gene pool for a period of five years ( for both in-vitro or in-utero ) conception as is being demanded by the prosecuting counsel.

Members of jury, upon release, being stamped with a criminal sequence, she will be forced to seek a physical mate from red zone risk profile and that is too big a cost for her genetic continuity as well as for her progeny’s epidemic susceptibility. I beseech you to show leniency and give her time to make these payments. If not, she can be awarded a two month service sentence at a ham and beef tissue culture factory in her native state.

Dear members, you have a bio-future in your hands and it should not be squandered over a poly-corps financial expediency.

The defense rests.

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