Persuade Me

I am 6 years old and I am supposed to be super smart. My Mom told me that, silly.

Ok my name is Tina and I want to complain about my Mom.

She doesn’t seem to realize but she has 7 ways in which she talks to me. These 7 styles can be put in two buckets :

Hitler Style( I heard he was a bad guy),
Buddha Style ( He was the sweet one).

I don’t understand anything unless my mom gives me examples for it, so it must be with you people too. Let me give you examples for all her styles too.

You know I don’t like eating the breakfast cereal and everyday when I don’t eat it, she gets into 1 of those 7 styles to make me eat it. I love pizza so I tell her why cant we have pizza for breakfast everyday.

Here is how she tells me to eat that stupid cereal ( disregarding my pizza request)……

Hitler Style
1) Commanding:
I said No. You will finish your cereal. That’s it.

2) Challenging:
Tina will you keep pestering me with your demands. Do you even think it is making an impression on me.

3) Blaming
You do this every time I want you to eat healthy and you do not EVER listen to me. I have such a headache, eat your cereal now and don’t trouble me.

4) Threatening
If you do not finish your cereal, you will not get any pizza in dinner also, for next two weeks.

Buddha Style
5) Negotiating and Incentivizing
Tina for every 6 times you eat a cereal in breakfast, I will get you one pizza during the day.

6) Empathizing
Baby I know eating cereal can be boring and you do not enjoy it much but we have to do all things….some that we enjoy more and some that we enjoy less.

7) Selling
Ria Didi, whose beauty you so admire became pretty because she eats lot of cereals amongst other things. Tina, my Barbie if you eat your cereals, do not blame me then for not warning you, of all the radiance that will start to emerge from you.

Now I understand that adults are unstable and they have their ups and down (are adult on some swings that they can go up and down….hmmm !!) so it is not easy for them to stay in one style. However I counted and now I always tell mom that if she spoke in the tone from Buddha style in at least 5 out of 7 times I will continue to feel her love.

Psss… is a secret though: Sometimes I test her to see where she will break the Buddha style and get into that hated Hitler style. I just test to know my safe limits with her outbursts.

Come to think of it, I have seen these 7 styles work in adult communications as well.

Makes me wonder if adults are kids who have just become large?

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