One Sided Love

I looked at the disfigured face of my companion and felt like screaming.

Never had I seen someone so ugly and so horrible. His skin was badly crumpled and his features were all out of place. Lips were twisted and ill formed. Eye brows were totally absent and his nose had multiple holes. Eyes were of different sizes and he had a visible squint. Unshaven and dark complexioned, he looked like someone who had not been taking care of himself.
To be stuck on a date with him was stomach churning and made me feel like vomiting. Why did I have to bear his company even though my parents had insisted that I go out with him. They were of the view that he had great prospects and a bright future hence I should consider him seriously. Of all the people why did I have to get stuck with this unkempt, horrible looking brute.

He probably understood my aversion and through the evening did not insist that I look at him. He was being polite and courteous all through our time together, much like couple of those earlier times, that we had gone out together. On all such occasions there was never any real conversation between us and he would just answer in brief whenever I chose to address something to him.

Also he never took any kind of initiative with me though one thing that was striking was that he seemed to have a set routine. He would always take me to the same restaurant, order the same food and take the same route back and forth. Another thing strange was that he never seemed to mind whenever I would call my other girlfriends and talk to them for hours.

Today however my ex Varun called and we spoke for almost an hour. I kept complaining about his lack of sensitivity and that he had left me for another girl and he kept explaining that it happened all of a sudden and was unintentional. The uglyface just kept looking at me, staring and silent.

As he was dropping me home that night he offered a cheek which obviously I declined to kiss. As I shut the door on his face, I heard him saying in his hoarse voice:

“I am your present moment. You can repeatedly turn away from me but I will always come back to court you.”

I awoke from my dream with a start and in a good mood.

Outside, it was dawn of a new day.

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