Obituary for Patriarchy:

For thousands of years we have lived in a social structure where men were supposed to be the bread winners and women its slicer at the dinner table. Men were supposed to be head of family, institutions as well as nations. They were supposed to be strong, courageous and virile.

This belief system or patriarchy as it is called, is now dying. In this back of the envelope, advance obituary, instead of mourning for it, I want to tell my fellow men, why you should be delighted at this development.

Patriarchy worked fantastically well during evolutionary time when resources were scarce and might was the only right you had. To win from others and then safeguard your wealth, women and wine was needed for survival of your genes and your off-springs. It was the in-thing.

In last 200 years however, world has moved on to abundance of goods and rule of law. Those macho skills of winning and defending and its consequent patriarchal system are no longer relevant to the world of today. This is good news brothers, for two specific reasons.

1)  It takes the yoke off your backs.  You no longer have to conform to high standards of manhood and thus feel deficient when you are not able to match up to them. You do not have to build bulging biceps or kill, predate, subjugate anyone to feel powerful again or indulge in substance abuse to escape that nagging feeling of loss of manhood when things do not go your way.

2) Retiring from traditional provider role, empowers you to a richer inner life where you can feel more emotions ( sadness/empathy/jealousy/connect) and not just anger and fear which traditionally you have been wont to feel. Also this frees your spirit of adventure to explore more, live more and be a whole lot more.

So rejoice and let go. A whole new world opens up when you become free from this conceptual prison of patriarchy.

Ladies you are smiling anyways as it creates a less oppressive and a more equitable society for you.

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