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We have come a long way in last 100 years. Sample this, in 1915:

1) The tallest structure in the world was Eiffel Tower.

2) More than 95% of all births took place at home and ninety percent of all doctors had no college education.

3) Most women washed their hair once a month with egg yolk or borax as there was no shampoo. Canned beer, ice tea or crossword puzzles had also not been invented.

4) Average age for men was 47 years and top 5 causes of death were, Pneumonia, Influenza, TB, Diarrhea and Stroke.

5) Alexander Graham Bell made the first trans American call from New York to California.

One wonders how far will we travel from today in next 100. Here then are my top 5 predictions for us@2116 :

1) Human species will be split into two or three sub species. At the base will be Homo sapiens like us today . In the centre would be cyborgs who would be humans with various bionic, chip or cognitive implants to improve, memory, cognition, physical prowess etc. At the top will be genetically enhanced sapiens (GES)who would have genetic patches implanted or actual genetic surgeries done for increased age, looks, immunity and intelligence. GES will as different from us as we were to Neanderthals (the last specie of human family that went extinct 40 thousand years ago.

2) Nation states as we know them today will be gone. This might be due to combination of class strife, climate change or water stress migration. World Population would aggregate in 80-100 massive urban clusters or megacities spread over 300-500 kms each. They will have their own armies, economies and sovereignty

3) Machines would have become intelligent and sentient and we would be locked in games of one-upmanship with them. Most of the jobs as we know them today would be gone as production of most goods and services will be done by bots and AI driven algorithms. People will be only needed to override AI commands, do game design, indulge in creative arts and do cross functional blue sky thinking.

4) Robots will be the most popular pets and man robot marriages would be granted legal status .Most people though would like to stay alone with their PDAs ( outside of family encumbrances) and human children could be adopted from reproduction labs. Some old fashioned people would still retain conventional families and eugenics will be a topic of hot debate.

5) Alien contact would have been established and human colony at Mars would be thriving. Space tourism would be common and people will routinely travel to moon for their summer vacation.

If these predictions sound like science fiction, remember if somebody had predicted the 2016 world of computers, mobiles and internet in 1915, residents then would have been equally incredulous.

These predictions take into account Amara’s law which states that we overestimate impact of technology in short and underestimate it in the long run.