Natural Talent

Hi Grown ups, This is your 6 year old friend Tina again.

Today I want to share with you what Mom tells me about intelligence and this she attributes to some Aunty called Carol Dweck, who reads minds. Not the future, silly that’s an astrologers job but one who figures out, how our mind works.

Ok so this aunty says and Mom often repeats that there are two kinds of mindsets that young kids like me can have:

1) Rock or fixed mindset
2) Stream or fluid mindset.

Mom says people operating with rock mindset believe that the talents that they are born with, are fixed at birth or inherited, thus our exams just reveal us as adequate or lacking. This means that efforts that one can make, do not have much of a play area in influencing intelligence.Thus in rocky thinking, whole focus is to get good marks in all tests (win every time) as that is what defines how intelligent you are.

This makes Rockies sore losers. They get personal about failures and cant take feedback, as they define themselves as winners or losers based only on end results. Mom also says that Rockies are more anxious, lose motivation fast and are likely to cheat more, to appear good.

Now I know why Ritesh in my class always wants to come first. I heard his mom telling our class teacher that her son is very intelligent, has natural talent and picks up things really fast.

Pssst …..I heard her arguing with my class-teacher on why she deducted those two extra marks.

Mom tells me that Streamers are opposite of Rockies. They believe that innate abilities are ok but it is learning that makes you intelligent and for learning you must put in big efforts. Thus in Streamers way of thinking, it is how much work you do that defines your intelligence as it is a changeable state.

Likewise people with growth mindset also believe that all failures, are a learning gap; all feedback an opportunity to analyze and improve. The central push for all streamers is to stretch and grow and thus they do not get easily de-motivated by few bad results.

Writing to you makes me now realize why mom always praises and rewards my efforts and never my results. She says:

“Tina, you efforts have got big results in your report card. You are so hard working that I would love to take you out for a treat”

or that
“Tina, will you stop crying that Sonam scored more because she is more intelligent. I am happy with anything over 50% however in case you want more, work harder the next time and you will also get more. Want to party still…”

“Tina, I am not interested in knowing where you stood in the class. I want to know if learning about how trees help us was fun and what did you name that tall tree in the park?”

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