My Dear Fellow Trees

I am addressing you today as you stand rooted in our beloved jungle which is nearing extinction. I am one of you and first of all want to thank you for having chosen me as your leader. I will ensure that our collective voice is heard by mankind.

Brothers before I start to talk to humans, I want to make you aware of the immense value all of you are creating which is going unrecognized and unrewarded. Let me give you some numbers to do your photo synthesis on.

Each one of you, on a net basis gives out about 100 KG of oxygen per year or enough to support two human beings breathing in. Each one of you provides a cooling effect of about 3 degrees centigrade which can only be replicated by their 20 ACs working for 20 hours each day. You absorb enough CO2 to offset 45,000 kms of their car drive every year or over your life time it is estimated that you will absorb about 1000 kgs of Co2 which is equivalent to drinking poison that their gods do for them.

Purely in terms of money, though estimates vary, you lifetime value is estimated between 90 lacs-1 crore INR ( about $150,000) with about 15 lacs each towards oxygen production, preventing soil erosion, water conservation and animal shelter and almost 30 lacs towards air pollution control. This does not yet factor in value of fruits or timber that you so generously give.

Brothers, there are various studies that show that your presence in their urban midst reduces domestic violence as well as crime apart from fostering feelings of community amongst them. You achieve this by reducing their stress response. You also absorb and filter the high frequency noises emanating from their screechy traffic as well as harmful UV rays reaching earth, which causes them cataracts and skin cancer. Talking of health , there are studies to show that your presence around their hospitals help humans to recover faster and with less medication.

Now brothers as you perform these services, untiringly and silently, humans have started to take you for granted. They cut you down, maim you, starve you for their selfish ends and you bear all of this silently. Time though has now come when we have to raise our voices. We have to unite and make ourselves get heard. We cannot let this atrocity continue and our efforts go unrecognized.

We have to tell them we are feeling very neglected and need a sign of their affection and gratitude. We must convey our need of receiving their appreciation regularly. Though we are not revolting but on your behalf, I will raise my voice and ask them, again and again: Did you express your gratitude for being blessed with our presence? Have you hugged a tree today?

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