Mother Nature

Inspite of their best attempts, a young couple was not able to conceive. Nine years passed as they tried all sorts of doctors, quacks and healers to remedy the situation however to no avail. It was a deep seated need of motherhood that was going unfulfilled and the woman would often cry and rue her luck for being issueless. Growing bitter, sometimes she would blame her husband, at other times the world and often enough herself, of failure.

A monk one day landed at her doorstep begging for alms. As she gave him the leftovers from previous night, he blessed “O Mother, may you be forever bountiful !!”.

Hearing his words, tears started to roll down her cheeks.

The monk looked at her,understood and said ”Being a mother is not about biology but about having a heart. You know what is more unfortunate than not having a child. It is not having a mother.

Consider not having your own children, as an invite; to nurture the unluckiest ones,who do not have a mother”.

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