Meaning Of Life

Once a young man approached the Master, with intent of becoming his disciple. However before being formally ordained, he wanted some re- assurance.

“So Master, can you teach me the goal of human life?” He asked.

“I cannot.” said the Master.

“At least explain to me Life’s meaning?” He persisted.

“I cannot do that either.” Master replied.

“Ok can you at least give me a hint on nature of death and other possible lives that we can lead, beyond it, if we are virtuous?”

“I certainly cannot do that.” Master was firm.

Assessing that the master was of no help and a possible sham, the prospective student walked off. Other disciples at the hermitage were aghast that the Master had given such a poor account of himself.

The Master Clarified: “There is no point in talking about life’s nature and its meaning, but to experience it deeply. The taste of cake resides in chewing it slowly and not in a discussion of its recipe”.

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