Leadership Craft

Chandragupt Maurya was to address an assembly of chieftains who were opposed to his arch rivals Nanda’s . If the plan to take on the mighty Nandas had to succeed, he needed to expand his support base as also increase the size of his forces. His mentor Chanakya had arranged this meeting and it was now up to the young prince to give them a rousing cause. He had to win their loyalty as well as fire them up with enthusiasm.

The young prince was in his camp seated cross legged on a small stool, reading from some parchment in his hand, when his Guru came to fetch him. Seeing him seated thus, the mentor was not pleased.

“Do you know my Prince, what is your job today”.

“Yes Sire. To bring these people who are here, permanently into our corner”.

“Good. What is your main strategy to do it”?

“Well I will recount the mischief that Nandas create and list the benefit of aligning with us”.

“Yes great but do you know that will not convince them”.

“Why do you say so Sire”? The young man was amazed at this prediction.

“It is because my prince, when you are in any demanding situation or when you are faced with challenging tasks, you must infect other people with your enthusiasm, passion, confidence and your commitment. Now all of these traits are actually different aspects of one central thing. Your Presence. The single biggest thing that will convince them to raise their sword for you, will be your total, enhanced presence amongst them. This means for winning them over you will have to be your most expanded self, your Virat Roop in their midst.

To do that my prince you will have to strike the power pose of dominance. People like their leaders to be strong and larger than life”.

“Oh I see, so you are saying that they will be mindful of their interests but they will still not bear allegiance to me unless I can convince them with my bearing”.

“Yes Prince. Your non verbals are much more important than you think. They are your presence takeaways. So before you go on to the camp where everyone has assembled, I suggest you take two minutes to do your Presence Push Ups”.

“Presence Push ups, what are those Acharya”?

“Well like body push ups that give you beefed muscles, presence push ups gives you an enhanced presence. Also they are very easy to perform. For two minutes, just space your feet out, stretch your arms on your sides and totally open your body up. Lift your chin too and breathe deeply. Keep yourself opened for two minutes and savor the experience. Do it now and when you enter that room you will be primed for exhibiting your total presence”.

“I shall do as you say Gurudev. Just curious though, how does this opening up of physical body actually enhances our presence”.

“Well the scientific reason will be discovered 2500 years later, when science will tell you that practicing dominance non verbals or opening up, increases testosterone levels in your blood flow. This hormone is present in abundance in any leader. Along with dominance, the leader must also be stress resistant or cortisol level in their blood flow should be low. This again is achieved by practicing these actions that I have suggested.

So when you practice your presence push ups, everyday, you heighten testosterone and lower cortisol levels in your bloodstream. Sustained over time, this effects your brain chemistry which in turn affects your overall behavior. This altered behavior my prince, helps you exhibit a strong presence every time.

However even one session has an impact so now take two minutes for your presence push ups and then come in, to convert those unruly men into your dedicated followers. “ The clever strategist concluded.