Justice Report Card

Tribal Justice

Fact 1: From 1945 to 2001 there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. That is an average of 4.6 armed conflicts every year. 201 of them have been launched by US alone. Overall in 20th century, 190 million deaths can be attributed to wars ( directly or indirectly). That is more than total deaths in wars of last 4 centuries.

Conclusion 1: War is ongoing human condition. It merely takes commercial breaks in between.

Fact 2 To support its world wide empire, at turn of 20th century, Britian assumed the doctrine of “two power standard”. That meant its navy mite should be equal to combined strength of its next two rivals. US, at turn of 21st century, to maintain its military dominance, has gone way beyond that doctrine. Its 2011 spending on military was 711 Billion which is more than combined spend of next 13 of its opponents thus labeling it as number one threat to world peace in 2014 gallup poll. Only 21 small countries out of close to 200 countries in world do not have standing armies ( most have defense contracts with larger countries).

Conclusion 2: Militarism(preparing for war a normality and strengthening military institutions a priority) is a popular doctrine that is followed and world peace is just a popular dream that is talked about.

Social Justice

Fact 3 Worst victims of war & ills are children.

• In last decade an estimated 2 million were killed, 4 to 5 million disabled, 12 million left homeless, and more than 1 million orphaned.
• About 246 million, or 1 out of 6, children aged between 5 to 17 worldwide is involved in child labor.
• 275 million children or again 1 in 6 children never attend or complete primary school education. 160 million children in the world do not get proper food and are malnourished.
• 8.4 million children in the world are trapped in slavery, bondage, prostitution and pornography. 300,000 are child soldiers.

Conclusion 3: We are an irresponsible specie who cannot take care of their young.

Fact 4 3 billion people (one-half) live in ‘poverty’ (less than $2 per day). Their total income is equal to combined wealth of top 300 individuals in the world.
Poor countries which house 4/5th of world population pay rich countries 9 times more money in debt repayment than they receive in form of aid.
11 million people die in world every year because of hunger while 800 million are malnourished on the other hand almost 1bllion people are overweight or obese.

Conclusion 4: We kill and starve our fellow human beings wholesale by not looking after the weak and the vulnerable.

Political Justice

Fact 5 : 33% of the world’s population live under authoritarian, non-democratic regimes. 35% of the world’s population live in countries in which basic political rights and civil liberties are denied (such as freedom of speech, religion, press, fair trials, democratic political processes, etc). Torture occurs in 125 countries, extrajudicial killings in 47 countries while in 66 countries people are detained without charge or trial. Under its Boundless Informant program US monitors more than 1 billion people worldwide.

Conclusion 5: Magna Carta, (the charter which started the spate of civil liberties) might be 800 years old now but states will find creative ways to suppress its citizens.

Fact 6: Owing to business consolidation media has become an oligopoly of few giant corporate thus suppressing diversity of view and editorial independence.Six corporations in US own 90% of all media there ( 1500 News Paper/1100 Magazines/15,000 TV Stations/9000 Radio stations /24,000 publishers) or about 250 media executives control what 300 million Americans read, watch and respond to, Rupert Murdochs news corp owns the top newspapers across US/Europe and Australia. Typically 80% of playlists of all radio stations in any country match.

Conclusion 6: Media gives you illusion of choice but has become the foremost tool of agenda setting and crowd control than being a watchdog of system and safeguard of civil society.

Value Justice

Fact 7 : Modern societies honor their entertainers and sportspeople with global recognition and big financial rewards. Also slotted for big financial rewards are the entrepreneurs or people who manufacture goods for consumption. Scientists who conduct breakthrough research that advance human understanding, nursing staff who provide medical care and teachers who are in charge of shaping our next generation, in comparison are paid pittance.

Conclusion 7: We value our entertainment and consumption more than problem solving, providing care or teaching our young.

Grand Conclusion:

An alien studying these 7 facts will conclude that as a global society, humans are always prepared to wage war, do not care much about the underprivileged, routinely suppress opinions and freedom of others and keep themselves distracted with entertainment and consumption.

So its final assessment will read: As individuals humans might be nice and fair but as societies they are indifferent and unjust.

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