Just World

“The karmic cycle does not leave anyone untouched. You always get the just results of your actions.” The preacher intoned. “If you are a good person and do good deeds, you get good results and vice versa”.

“Well you cannot be more wrong” The rationalist scoffed. “Do good and good will happen to you is pure fiction. It is as false a tale we tell ourselves as, when we believed that our world was flat. In fact the truth is that our world is a profoundly unjust and largely one sided play. Social statistics prove that the evil doers often gets away with their deeds, people with a start advantage get a huge head start over others and good does not get adequately rewarded for its actions. ”

The preacher was aghast. This was a radical idea and contradicted everything he believed about the world or what was written in his scriptures. “You have to be joking to be saying that. If there was no justice how is human world working then. Why is it that all of life systems do not collapse into chaos”.

“Oh so you believe that justice is important for keeping the order in this world. Well if that was the case, jungles would have long gone extinct. You know in jungle the good does not win but mighty does. So they are the places which are highly unjust to common animal and operate without any moral code and yet they thrive.”

“Still that is jungle and we are talking of humans, of civilization and of curbing our predatory tendencies. If there is no justice in our world, morality will never be upheld, good has no incentive to be naturally a part of human behavior, people will kill each other and there will be chaos”.

“Arent people killing each other and isn’t there a chaos already. Look at human history and you will find pretty much the same conditions across the board and across time. Wars have been perpetual and fighting and killing is an integral part of human psyche. If there was justice built into scheme of things we would probably have had a peaceful world by now as people would have realized that good deeds get you good outcomes and that approach would have become universal by now. Also look at the world and see how very few people control most of the worlds resources. If it was a just world, the distribution would have more even. That there is rampant inequality and violence even after 10,000 years of civilization is a proof that the world is unjust”

“So are the scriptures which say there is natural justice, all wrong. Why would they say a thing like that which according to you is so un-true”

“Well all I have said is that we actually live in a profoundly biased world but it is actually quite beneficial to believe that we live in a just one.The concept of natural justice in this life or divine justice in after life; are mental constructs that we have created as they help to lessen the anxiety that we would otherwise have, dealing with actual nature of this world. So when we see an injustice going unpunished we comfort ourselves with the narrative that punishment will soon catch up with the person in this world or the next. So in a way it helps us bear the injustices that happen all around us. Secondly it does inspire some people to be good. Genuine believers in a just world end up doing good things for themselves and others ”

“So you are saying that believing in a just world is a human fallacy and that it is actually a psychological lollypop that we take and nothing to do with reality” the preacher was incredulous and unconvinced.

‘Well if that was not the case, we would not need separate statute books and law courts to establish justice in societies from scratch. If there was natural or divine justice available why would we need an artificial one to be set up. Overall, if you open your eyes you will also conclude that if justice is to be done in this world you have to actively fight for it.” The rationalist concluded.

Hunger in every society is like the game of passing a parcel. Food seldom reaches people who need it the most, but is gobbled by those, who throw the biggest tantrum or have the loudest wail.

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