Judgment Day

A man died and was taken to divine court to hear the judgment. During his life he had been a religious and a god fearing man. He had had been good to his family, nice to his neighbors and kind to his relatives. He was also involved in social causes and regularly donated to charity.

After a small wait his name was called and the trial began.

God asked him the customary five questions that are asked of every dead:

Q1: When you were a boy, you wanted to keep a dog, but did not. Any specific reasons?

A1: Dear God, My mom had an allergy with dogs so it would have been tough for her if I had kept one at home. So I played with dogs in neighborhood and did not pet one of my own.

Q2: You were in love with this girl Mili but you married another girl Archana . Why?

A2: I did love Mili but Mili loved Ashok so it made no sense for me to marry a girl who loved someone else. I married the girl who would love me back.

Q3: You and your colleague Rataneshwar were vying for the same promotion at office. He bribed the boss and got it, though by merit, you should have been promoted. You decided not to contest that decision. Why?

A3: God ji, What Ratan did was his karma. He will be rewarded or punished for that when his time comes. As about me, I have always believed that You are fair. If I deserve something, sooner or later, I will get it.

Q4: You gave loan to your cousin Mahesh despite his not repaying the first loan you had given him. Why?

A4: Sir, I believe if were to help others based on our judgment of their character we would never be able to open our hearts to them. Instead we should contribute based on their need. Mahesh needed the loan for medical expenses of his wife otherwise she would have died so I helped them.

Q5: In your last days, your son did not visit you for couple of years as he was extremely busy. Any regrets?

A5: I missed him as I was lonely and also wanted to play with my grandkids but then I understand that life has become so hectic in this 21st century. My son is already juggling too many hats in air and works for over 16 hrs/day at his job in Singapore. So I spoke to him regularly over phone but did not want to add to his challenges by putting visitation demands on him.

God having concluded his investigations, pronounced the judgment.

“Each of your answer is correct in itself but taken together they show a lack of courage to engage fully with life. Since you wasted the opportunity and talent I gave you, by maintaining a distant relation with life, so I am sending you to the glass house with a heaven view. You will be able to see the heavens from a distance but will not be allowed to enter them.”

“Oh No God, I lived a pious life” the man remonstrated “what more could I have done”

“I created you to balance, honoring yourself and upholding others. A score of 2-3 or 3-2 instead of 5-0 between others and self, on questions above, would have been good. So if you wanted to enter heavens, you should have tried to be more of yourself on the earth” God answered, closing his file.

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