Invite the kindness

A big family living on a farm, had a dog, who gave birth to twelve puppies.

When the puppies were old enough to be given away, they decided to run an advertisement in the local newspaper. The ad read: “Adorable puppies available for adoption. Free for a good home.” After several weeks and two reruns of the ad , only three of the puppies had been given away.

So, they were in a situation as the puppies were growing up fast and they could not afford to keep up and care for, so many of them. So they approached their grandfather for his advice.

He suggested changing the ad copy a little.

They ran a second ad with changed copy: “Free for a good home: One very ugly puppy and eight pretty ones available for adoption.”

Within two days of the ad, they gave away that ugly puppy nine times and were left with no more puppies to give.

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