Internal Memo

My Dear Mind,

Heart in past few weeks looked de-motivated and had limited itself to a small functional role. Upon inquiry, the note from you as below, was found in its possession.

Though I appreciate your vigilantism, however who the @#$% are you to decide upon roles, each of you will play in my life. Who gave you authority, to assign responsibility, on my behalf.

I want to make it clear to you, that you are not heart’s boss but its personal assistant. Your role is only to map the environment and chart an optimum path towards the goals, that heart will decide upon. In other words, heart will lay down strategic objectives and you will figure out best tactical moves to attain them.

We have experimented in past, with you deciding both, goals and their means, however all such goals that you chose, turned out to be dodges. Being swept on the hedonistic treadmill you kept setting up ever changing material targets. Success and happiness, you promised, were always another milestone away and we never got there.

So now reconcile to the fact that your bluff is called and in my life,heart will be in a leadership position and you dear mind, in a consulting mode.

Also take this as my final warning to you. Stop lording over others who are wiser than you but still gullible to your wily tricks. Remember, next time I catch you acting too smart for your cranium, I will shut you down temporarily, by undertaking breathing exercises.

Warm Regards as always,

CC: Heart, Liver, Stomach, Spinal Cord, Pituitary and Penal Glands.

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