Imagine This

One of the monks was always curious about Master’s relation with God. So who did Master dedicate his prayers too? He was also very keen to find out did the master worship God in any specific way? .

Master breathed in this curiosity. Looking slowly at the whole assembly as though addressing no one in particular or all of them in person, his voice floated across the hall “Most of you totally misunderstand God .Let me first tell you what IT is not. First thing to know is that God is not outside of you as some objective transcendent truth. IT is also not an omniscient and omnipotent being, who can take any form or can even remain formless. It is not someone who has created the universe, runs it now, dispenses justice and can be pleased with a prayer “

“Master so are you saying there is no God”, the devout assembly was shocked into a stunned silence, until a voice spoke up.

“No, there is a God. Just not what you think it is.” Master smiled. “I told you what God is not. Now let me tell you what IT is. There is something called an undivided consciousness or a universal consciousness. It is that state where there are no specific individual identities but a holistic state of completeness. This state where the objective and subjective are merged into one was the natural state of existence of universe before evolution of life got initiated. This undivided wholeness of consciousness , this perfection of consciousness is actually God.

Animals still mostly still live in this undivided state however it is an unconscious state for them. So they live in communion with God but they do not know it. Now when evolution finally resulted in humans, they were given the double edged gift of self-consciousness. This limited perception about self, mandated by urge to survive, resulted in fracture of the wholeness of consciousness into us and around us. This is how we experience the world even today.

However along with this separation what also got created inside of us was a sense of sacred for this wholeness.This inner sense of holy was our path back to the natural state of completeness from which our individual psyche had emerged. So on one hand we got optimized to survive and on other, we were given a yearning for our prehistoric wholeness. To capture this inner profoundness we needed an external form, so since our cave dwelling days, we have invented one or other God.”

“So Master all the religions that give ideas of God, are they all false”

“No they are not false, they are just outdated. Let me explain this.
As our sense of music gets expressed in an external melody likewise our resident holiness gets expressed in the concept of God so through the march of history religions have tried to capture human sacredness in line with prevailing cultural sensibilities.

In Tribal Conception of God or TCG as I call it, which was the prevalent mode of God from hunter gatherer societies to birth of Christ all the celestial objects and other popular archetypes (sun/moon/fertility/agriculture/floods….) were considered Gods and were given human type forms. Thus there were many Gods or polytheism prevailed. In Medieval Conception of God or MCG, prevalent from birth of Christ till today, largely in all Abrahamic religions, God consolidated as a monotheistic being, became formless, transcendent and acquired specific functions along with being keeper of morality.

Now these representations have had the intent for human good and make people walk the path to wholeness, however in sum, I would say, all religions have done more harm than good for human race. Hence it is now time we created a Modern Conception of God or MCG.

“Master what would that MCG be?”

“This universe as a whole is sacred and is a living breathing self balancing organism. It gets expressed as matter and also stays potentiate as energy. In its entirety, along with its constituents, this is the real God. Looking after it, is its worship and caring for its constituents, is the new religion. Call this God SURRENDER.

Now imagine, if we threw away all of tribal and medieval conceptions of God along with their religious shells and if everyone adopted this this one universal religion and worshiped just this one God, Surrender. Can you think how this will change the world. How different and peaceful our planet would become for a change and how many more people, would end up achieving wholeness.

It is to this God that I subscribe and to it I pray, by serving my fellow earthlings “Master concluded.

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