How Media Distorts

The world out there and the world that media beams into your house are two different entities. One is real and second is totally fictional. Media constructs for you a make believe version of reality to keep you entertained. Judge for yourself as this post outlines as to what media should be talking about and instead what they really talk about:

What they should tell you about Political Realities:

1) How electoral vote bank politics work and why middle class is largely irrelevant to that process.
2) How corporate lie and lobby with politicians.
3) How your freedom gets stifled and your liberties get taken away in incremental steps, by the state.

Instead what they show you:

1) Politicians indulging in unsubstantiated war of words in “you said this and you did this” style
2) Politicians cost of dress or a pen, their car prices, number of bungalows and properties etc.
3) Whatever reinforces current perceptions and stereotypes about class, caste, religion and nation.

What they should tell you about Social Situations:

1) How hunger and poverty is killing people by millions and what can be done about it.
2) Realities of war, prisons and drugs culture.
3) How education being imparted in schools and colleges is outdated and a waste of a generation.

Instead what they tell you about Social Situations:

1) Courtroom dramas, details of hostage situations, war and terror field details.
2) Gory details of sordid murders, sex scandals of godmen, marriage and divorce proceedings, babyshowers and bad behavior of page 3 celebs
3) Work out routines, hang out joints, preferred designer of your favorite celebrity and other gossip.

What they should tell you about Ecological Issues:

1) Why bats & birds by millions, bees by billions and are dying and how this will impact all fruits and vegetables we eat apart from collapsing our entire ecology.
2) How ocean acidification, ice caps melting, mountain top removal and deforestation is impacting us and will make planet unbearable for our future generations.
3) How by GMO, soil depletion, drying of rivers we are sowing major famines for future.
4) How to grow organic food, how to plan for sustainable living and how to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Instead what they tell you about outside world is :

1) Award functions, reality show dramas, sports dramas, stock movements and spot exchange rates.
2) What to wear, where to eat, where to get a haircut, what to cook and other such trivia.
3) Latest tech gizmos, new places opened up, new product launches and luxury brands.

The media is a part of the system which is designed to keep masses distracted and hooked on to drama of reality TV. They will keep bringing you trash disguised as news till the time you will keep lapping it up. So do not rely on media to tell you how this world works. Make an effort and find out for yourself.

You will be surprised at your ignorance.

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