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His neighbors spoke of Shyam as the most positive and vibrant person that they knew of. He would enter a room and all of a sudden the energy level of that room perked up as though a 100 W bulb was lit there. People commented about the fact that his presence was like a soothing balm and how they could never gossip or criticize anyone in his presence. They actually felt relaxed and good in his presence. Somebody also commented that interacting with Shyam was like taking an energy spa.

He could be seen waving to the kids in a school bus here, tending to a hobbling dog there or scattering seeds for pigeons and crows somewhere. If he was playing with kids he would let them win and if he was interacting with adults he would let them speak. He would hold hands frequently, cry often and always spoke positively and encouragingly to others.

Then one day he was invited to a school to speak to kids in the tenth class who were passing out and this is what he spoke:

My Friends,

I understand that you are all young adults and this world is now your playground, however as you venture forth, be mindful of the ideas that you subscribe to. One constant idea that will be thrown at you will be that you have to be someone. This essentially means you have to become a capable resource accumulator.

You have to have a career to buy a big house, big car and afford a lavish lifestyle. Even your parents would tell you the same thing.

However as I stand in front of you today I want to invite you to think of the “paradox of plenty”.This paradox will chase you through your life, as that dog chases the kid, in the mobile service commercial. The paradox of plenty or POP is simply this: more you accumulate more you will feel a lack and the more you give up more you will feel full.

So my message to you is in contrast to all others that you will receive through elders and advertisers. I invite you to give away, give in and give up. This is not to say that you do not honor your capability to create but that you should also affirm POP alongside.

To put it in other words, unchecked accumulation is actually the key to unhappiness as you are forever focused on lack.You must give alongside to feel the contentment of abundance.

However this giving does not have to be related to money. It is a habit like accumulating is a habit. So whenever you are starting with the practice of giving, you can start by creating small ripples. With time and tide, these ripples will grow into huge waves. Let me initiate you by telling you 5 small ripples that you can create anywhere, anytime:

1) Gift flowers, chocolates, candies, smiles excessively. Keep them handy and distribute them freely.

2) While hugging someone always be last to break that embrace.

3) Send as many greeting, valentine, get well soon cards to people you do not know. Sign ” someone who thinks you are wonderful”.

4) Pay next car’s toll on a highway, give you place in a que to the next person, wish the cashier, check out person a nice day.

5) Hold the door ajar for at least one more person to pass as you pass through it yourself.

There are many many more ways to feel content and these few are just the beginning. I hope as you discover them you will not only grow up but also grow big and that is my wish and my blessing for you”.

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