High Five

Master had recently spoken about the parenting puzzle of how a child’s behavior is tell a tale sign of its treatment by its parents when he saw a mother scolding her child thus “you always trouble me and I am at the end of my patience. If you do not stop now you will not get your pocket money this week”.

Master came back to his abode thoughtful and in his evening sermon he was still at the subject.

“The way we speak to our young” he started “gives them three pictures.First of themselves, second of you and third of the world. To give them the right visuals to pin to their young minds you must choose your words ,very carefully.

To tell them about themselves, say these five things as often as you can

1) you are uniquely complete as you are.
2) you are creative and imaginative.
3) you are full of joy
4) you are capable of anything that you set your mind upon.
5) you are very generous and that you have such a big heart.

To tell them about yourself,say these five as often as you can:

1) I love you and am so proud of you.
2) Being your parent is such a joy for me.
3) I will always be there for you, no matter what.
4) I am listening to you.
5) As I look at the world from your perspective, I learn so much.

To tell them about the world say these five things as often as you can:

1) You cannot win every-time as losing is part of success.
2) You do not have to be perfect to be complete.
3) Follow your heart always and always trust your instincts.
4) Hard work beats talent and intelligence every time.
5) It is good to question all authority. Accept things on evidence not assertion.

One of the disciples who was listening to master’s discourse, asked tentatively” Master doesn’t it become necessary sometimes to call out certain things for the sake of honesty”.

“Yes it does” replied the master.“In such cases, however be extra careful and when you want to make a negative statement, make it about the action and never about the person. Say this action is not correct or how you are behaving today is not right.

Though never deviate from the above mentioned 5 categorical affirmations that I have told you when you are referring to their person as a whole.”

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