Healthy Living

Seated in the garden Master was looking at a honey bee milling about a flower. His gaze went over to a squirrel running over and climbing on trees. He looked back at the gathering of expectant disciples who waited for his wise words.

“how many of you know the name of all the trees in this garden” Master wanted to know.

Master is in who wants to be a millionaire mode today, disciples thought exchanging looks.

However not even one hand went up.

“Ok, how many birds did you cross while walking up to me here in the garden” the quiz went on.

No one had noticed as they had been busy with their little innate calculations.

Looking at the blank faces master spoke” You being indifferent to treasury of life around you is not your fault. It is just a symptom of kind of society we all live in.

There is no doubt that we are born to be social, to live in communities, to build cultures. We are also endowed to bond with others using empathy, sympathy and love however as we build complex societies and globalize, the dynamic starts to shift. With widening of social space we inversely start to become more tribal. We want to expand or hold on to resources for ourselves, our families or our types.

These narrow and exclusive outlooks start to dominate our policy and politics and we become a band of usurpers who are only mindful to avoid edges of law which can hurt us. There is no moral code which restrains our control and command games or outright plunder that we indulge in. As individuals get sick when their inner organs are disturbed, societies get sick when their operative structures are impaired. Unfortunately all of us are living in a time when societies around us are getting infected.”

Master wistfully stopped during his sermon. He looked around to see if students understood the malaise he was pointing to. A hand from the audience went up

“Master, if society is getting sick what can its individual members do to protect themselves”.

Master smiled and answered “First thing to do it to recognize and reject the commonly accepted truths which you are persistently bombarded with.

Next thing is to create your own rules for simplifying your life.

Here is a sample for you to choose from:
1) Consume less, produce more
2) Eat less, walk more
3) Take less, give more
4) Communicate less, connect more
5) Hurt less, forgive more.

“Also”,master concluded” One central non negotiable rule for a healthy life is, find your lonely spot and then:
Think less, Breathe more.”

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