Happy New Year

Here is a list of 5 top ups that I intend to load life with:

1) Add more meaning to my work.

Dear Work, you have kept inviting me to engage fully with you. I intend to accept your invite in 2016. I will taper routine tasks down and will do more work which fully engages, my imagination and my intelligence.

2) Add more connect to my relationships.

I will enhance my engagement into relationships that I love and cherish. This I will do by listening more and empathizing more. So if you see my eyes shut and brow furrowed often, know that it is my wi-fi mode.

3) Add more presence to my personality.

I have done my time with what others want or what society expects. I will bring more of myself, my likes and dislikes, my tastes and aesthetics, my values walks and idle talks, my idiosyncrasies and my vulnerabilities to actualization. I will practice more of inside-out living.

4) Add more health my body.

Ahh….eating right, exercising when will you become my normal routine. Don’t act so pricey and come to meet me this new year or I will be forced to hijack you.

5) Add more blessings to my outlook.

Negative bias might have kept us alive down the ages but it is also the single biggest roadblock in our happiness. I will be mindful to curtail my peeves list and will consciously add more items to my gratitude column. This year then, I will be thanking more people, than thanking my stars.

So welcome 2016, you are highly awaited.

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