Guilty as Charged

Once a man was tried for defying the order of his supreme leader. After some arguments in the court, decision was announced:

“The verdict is: Guilty” Judge intoned.

“Guilty !! Why I haven’t done anything” claimed the defendant.

“You sir, have aired an opinion. That is indeed a crime” Judge clarified.

“Show me where is it written that holding and articulating an opinion is punishable” The defendant was defiant.

“As you serve your sentence, others will be able to see that it is indeed so. So in making an example out of you, we are rewriting the new normal.” Judge concluded.

“What kind of charade is this? My liberty to have any opinion is non negotiable? How can you punish me for my fundamental right” The defendant was almost screaming.

“Do not be a fool, sir. Nothing ever is non negotiable for the ones in power. Accept the verdict gracefully otherwise crematoriums are full of people who thought of themselves as heroes. I am trying to save your life by sending you to prison for sometime”

Then the judge added almost in an undertone:

“My dear fellow, there comes a time in affairs of men, when it gets unrealistic to hold both, an opinion and a life, simultaneously. So be intelligent to see that emperor has no clothes but be wise not to call him naked”.

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