Growing Things

Once a child approached his mother with the query” Mom what is growing up?

Is it having a mustache, being able to stay out late or getting a license to drive our car?”

His mom thought for a moment and then said “Son why don’t you ask your father. He needs to be able to define it for himself as well”.

The father was overhearing this conversation. With a smile, part sheepish- part defiant, he loudly exclaimed “Son, you are asking the wrong person. Also growing up is not just about having liberties to perform certain actions. It is about being self reliant. It is being able to take care of yourself and not be dependent on anyone for your needs. Also when you grow up, you are able to meet situations as equal without getting overwhelmed by them.”

The boy’s grandfather who was sitting in the same room, put down his newspaper and beckoned his grandson with a twinkle in his old eyes. Embracing him he whispered to the little boy “Son, knowing how to survive in this world has nothing to do with growing up. That is just being an adult. Growing up is about being the best realized version of yourself. It is finding your values, talents, and aspirations and then designing a life to express them fully. “

“So dadu, growing up is about finding out who you really are?” the boy asked.

The old man smiled at boys raw intelligence. “Yes my boy. It is and then accepting and expressing that self fully. So maturity is not an age related journey but an emotional ride. The true self is often trapped behind unhealthy behavior patterns which are locked in by emotional blockages. So in growing up one often has to clear emotional debris and undo behavioral habits.

That my son, is also the difference between men and fruit. All men age but unlike fruits not all men ripen.

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