Good Time

I am time. I do not have any independent existence.

Yet I have been invented by the human mind to explain the movement of the world they live in. I will come to the nature of the world in a moment, however my main use now is in marking the events that happen out there, from the current human consciousness standpoint.

There was a time when human consciousness was whole. There was no distinction between what was out there and what was in here in the human psyche. There was no separate internal or external environment for them. Events that happened out there were deemed to be happening as a part of extended consciousness like the way it happens in animal kingdom. Fishes do not think of water as separate from them or animals of jungle as an independent external ecology. They are a part of an undivided whole.

When humans also thought like this, they were largely unconscious of themselves and they had rain gods, animal twins, bush souls etc. A thunder clap was an undivided consciousness event and ghosts and spirits were dark forces of their own nature which could take shape as evil spirits. I was not needed then as all events being integrated could not be timed.

Then around 100,000 years ago a schism happened which was of seminal importance in my history. Human Brains became larger in size and turned very complex. Also they were, for the first time in animal history, large enough to run self referencing neural algorithms or ego as those algos are now called. As a result of this piece of mental software, the human mind separated itself from the universal mind or to put it another way the individual consciousness separated itself from the universal consciousness. Now the events were out there and the perceiving mind was in here. There was a way needed to order the external events now and thus I had to be invented.

I came into being as a flowing, unchanging, divided into moments one directional current. This is the way I am still referenced as. However this obviously has nothing to do with my reality. It is pot calling the kettle black or brain calling the events as time. In other words, I am like the concept of God, an attribute of human mind and not of external nature. I do not exist anywhere except in human mind.

The universe got created in one shot and all of it exists as a whole, without past, present or future. It is when the human mind travels on it that these illusions are created like a landscape looks fleeting from a moving train though the whole landscape exists at all times. The speed of this passage, as outlined by that wavy haired Professor Einstein, determines how humans make all their measurements relative and how I am just one of the four rolled out space-time dimension for human mind as there are hundreds of others which are rolled up to create matter.

Overall he proved what eastern yogis have known that at speed of light human cognition is transcended and even I roll up as a dimension and thus stop to flow in human mind. It is then that the fiction around me ends. Oh did I mention that at the point of my transcendence the human and universal consciousness merge back again into one, though it is now a conscious One ( as opposed to unconscious One of antiquity)

However since most of you will never experience the truth behind my illusion, so you are condemned to experiencing me as a limited space credited to your individual consciousness. Be that as it may, my advice is to use me wisely. Use whatever you have of me to expand your individual consciousness beyond the accepted dogmas and empty information capsules, beyond your small fears and personal dramas. They are such a waste of me.

Use the allotted me to connect to as much of the world as you can. Create personal bridges to as many point of views as you possibly can. Imagine a totally connected conscious world ( as you have the connected cyber world) in fine detail and then set about actualizing that in your lives. That way you will come closest to realizing my true nature in your lifespan.

All the best then !!.

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