Golden Words

Once an artist was tried and condemned by village elders, for sacrilege

He had painted a full bodied picture of Goddess on the inner wall which temple priest had complained of being too suggestive. The artist did put up a robust defense, claiming art as an expression of inner muse however elders ruled that artistic liberty was secondary to public morality.

The painting was to be redone and the artist was to be banished from the village.

As the judgment was being pronounced, Master came avisiting.

Hearing of the decision, he asked the gathered crowd “So you find this image objectionable. Who in this assembly, has seen the actual goddess to verifiably claim that this painting here, is not an accurate representation, please step forward. “

A hush fell over the gathered. No one obviously had.

Master continued” Any color or words that you use, to paint a picture of divine, is necessarily misleading. It is anyways a false representation as no one here directly knows the divine. So if you want to exile the artist, throw out the priest as well, as he also paints a suggestive picture which is not accurate.”

The pin drop silence was not broken until one courageous soul asked the Master

“So master if not through images, how can we know the divine”

“By completely silencing your own mind. Divine is reflected only in a still mind” Master replied.

“But you also give your sermons in words” another person asked.

“Yes and that is why I am forced to contradict myself often to prove their futility” master replied.

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