Food Scam

In our evolutionary journey from being primates 2 becoming sapiens, human bodies got shaped in the era which is called the Paleolithic age (2.6 million years ago to 12000 years ago). Science proves that human biology hasn’t changed much since then. It is our psychology that has evolved thereafter led by language and culture.


Now common sense dictates that if our biology froze by Paleolithic age it has to be best adapted to foods items that were available in that age. This is because a specie has to adapt to its environment as its survival is contingent upon its adaptive fitness. So human biology would have adapted to foodstuff available then for us to be sitting here, reading this. The items available in paleo era then, have to be  most natural source of our nutrients or food as we call such materials. That indeed is the case.

Most dietary recommendations in one way or other tend to return you to raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean cuts that were the dominant food items available in paleo days. That is the real food for human body which carries all the nutrients we need for health and wellness. All else is dispensable fluff.

Having defined food, in this post I want to talk about a huge scam that is being perpetrated on millions, the world over in the name of food. In last 50 years or so ( not even a blink in our evolutionary timeline) big corporates have entered retail food business and they have introduced items (fries/burgers/pizzas/wraps/rolls/colas/….) which are not food (as defined above)

These items look like real human food, have been engineered to taste better than raw food but carry zero nutrients for human body.

Actually they are products ( like fans/ motors/ computers/ cigarettes) derived by endless processing and chemically engineering real food items. Since no one in their right mind would want to eat such chemical cocktails and harm their health, so the BIG scam is that these harmful engineered derivatives are being mass marketed as food. When people eat these items they are actually eating proprietary product of a big corporate, in the mistaken belief, that it is food for their bodies.

Rampant obesity is a testimony to this scam being perpetrated in broad daylight. This is the first time in human history that almost 30% of human population on 2.1 billion people are obese or overweight.

So next time when you see ads/hoardings/endorsements from fast food companies and other retail chains, which I guarantee you will see everywhere, remember they are taking you for a ride by selling you harmful junk in guise of food.

Currently with their mega bucks they are winning the marketing game( by sneakily targeting the most gullible consumer: kids ……did you host/ attend a kids birthday recently in any of their shops???) and they are being able to indoctrinate population with their redefinition of human diet. However we can not let these corporates and their Media agencies continue to redefine their junk as our food.

I  believe, that a pebble thrown in pond with intent, can sow a hurricane. So this is my attempt to make you aware that you and your kids, are being outsmarted, impoverished and in long run, sent to hospitals. State agencies who were supposed to be our watchguards against these scamsters have been lobbied into silence.

If you think this is correct, help spread the awareness of their scandal by sharing this/ talking to others about the ideas discussed here in this post. If outreach of this message helps even 10 people to hesitate before entering a fast food joint, that will be some progress against the non stop marketing onslaught of these big corporate profiteers.

One small stone is cast. Now it just has to bounce on water.

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