Everyday Spirituality

“Master I want to be a spiritual person. Where should I start? I mean what is the first step towards spirituality? Should I start meditating?” A poor farmer taking advantage of masters visit to the village temple decided to find out.

“What do you think will happen once you start to meditate?” Master counter questioned.

“I do not know exactly, master but maybe the physical energies in my body will start to move. I have heard that there are chakras in the body which open up on meditation giving you various siddhis or powers. This is an indicator of the progress on path of spirituality.” The farmer hesitatingly replied.

Master smiled and then spoke with a tone which was almost melodious:” First let me clarify this. You do not progress towards spirituality; you regress towards it. This means we do not acquire anything new. We just align with what we already are. Since we fall out of wholeness in course of growing up, so spirituality is the process of retracing conscious steps towards it.

Secondly to get back, we have to clear the hurdles which block our path of retreat. These are issues of ignorance or maya which need to be cleared off so that our natural alignment manifests. You will notice that as these stoppages recede, your consciousness will automatically expand”.

“So master are you saying in most natural state we are aligned perfectly and thus spiritual however we fall out of this state because of our ignorance and if we can dispel this ignorance we get back into the state of spiritual alignment”

“That’s exactly right.” Master intoned. “So to start on a spiritual path the first steps are to clear two of the biggest hurdles on its way: moral straying and emotional blockades.

Let me explain this a little.

Our emotional energies are never in free flow as they get locked down by our style of thinking or experienced traumas which create barriers. One task is to free up these channels. Elsewhere in my talks(http://www.sva-haa.com/2015/09/emotional-intelligence.html) I have explained a little about how to cut addictions and drama and work on these blockades.

Moral adoption is a character thing. There are certain set of principles which you have to conscientiously observe in your life. It is like a behavioral regimen which should guide every action. You can choose your own set based on your faith or nature; but just ensure they mandate simple eating, good hygiene and non violence towards self, others and environment ( in words and deeds).

When your character becomes immaculate and your energy is in a free flow, your consciousness has expanded and you are in an advanced stage of alignment with your original self”

“And master what about meditation, mindfulness and other spiritual practices.” The farmer quizzed.

“Ah yes, those”, master added ”sure do them if you want to and if they help in reaching objectives as above. Spirituality in most cases should be aimed at expanding consciousness enough for retaining balance and maintaining peace through upheavals of life. Just do not confuse it with the objectives monks and renunciates do it for.

Their goal is to realize the oneness of universe. Since that is a different chase, so they have a stricter moral code (abstinence etc) and an elaborate meditation regimen to adhere to. However that is a path only for few. So do not think of spirituality in terms of Chakra openings, Kundalini awakening or attainment of Siddhis. Define it realistically to attain it in your life time.

Remember most people who exercise for their health, do not intend to become professional bodybuilders.”

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