Emotional Intelligence -2

The master in one of his earlier talks( posted on Svahaa on 12 sept ) had talked about emotions being a physical response to outside situations and feelings being a mental response to internal circumstances. The lady he had spoken to returned another day to accost the Master:

“Master you had told me to watch out for and observe my physical and mental responses. I have been trying to do that. It helps sometimes to stem my roller coaster moods but can you give me more details on my emotional whereabouts. I just want to ensure I am not missing on something important”

Master knew that some of his disciples were also struggling with mastering their emotions and needed a sort of guide to help them identify and label their emotions.So he expounded

“Let me detail for you 5 primary emotions that humans go through and where those emotions are located in our body and how do they feel. If you remember this key you will be able to spot them whenever they arise in your body.

Emotion: SADNESS
Location: Throat, Chest, Belly
Sensation : Lump, Narrowing Pressure, Aching, Empty

Back of Neck, Head, Shoulders, Arms, Hands
Ropes of Tension, Lumps, Throbbing Temples, Clenched Jaw, Drawn in Tight, Blocky, Held Back, Curled

Belly Area, Head, Face, Chest, Throat
Butterflies, Fluttering, Clutching, Heavy Ball Dizziness, Shortness of Breath, Tension around Eyes and Mouth, Mouth Dry

Genitals, Lower Belly, Front of Body
Streaming, Fullness, Good Achy, Warmth

Chest Area, Eyes, Front of Body
Spacious, Expansive, Glowing, Clarity, Bubbling, Giggly Inside

So detailing the emotion and their specifics the master paused before he finally concluded “Once you have learnt to identify and see your emotions you now have two choices. One is you let yourself experience the arising emotion fully. You can bathe in its energy while maintaining your observatory stance. Second is that you express that emotion to others without censoring or attuning them. In that case you do not self silence yourself to avoid inconveniencing anyone else.

Do know which emotion you choose to experience and which to express and when, ultimately is what decides your character.

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